Nomination Procedures - The Jack C. Hughston Sports Physician Award 

  1. Any member of the AASPT may nominate candidates for the award. 

  2. A maximum of one (1) award will be given in any year. 

  3. Nominations must be submitted electronically and include only the following materials.

    1. Completed online nomination form; and,

    2. Letter of support from person nominating the member not to exceed two (2) pages, including reasons for the nomination.

  4. Please have all materials completed and collected when completing the award application.  There is no way to save applications in-process so please ensure you have all materials compiled before starting the application. 

The President of the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy will notify the recipient of the award and obtain written confirmation of acceptance. He/she will also invite the recipient to the CSM Awards Ceremony and facilitate attendance at the ceremony. The name of the recipient will be kept confidential until announced.