Memo to Membership

September 24, 2020

The American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy Executive Committee recently notified our membership of the difficult decision to suspend operations of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. As indicated at that time, the Executive Committee had been working for the past few years on how to balance our long-term budget requirements with providing a high level of member benefits. The decision to suspend operations of IJSPT was multifactorial and included such factors as the long-term sustainability of providing three peer-reviewed journals as a member benefit, the importance of our external partnerships with AOSSM, AMSSM, and NATA in publishing Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach, as well as our internal partnership with the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy in publishing JOSPT, and the findings from our consultant Kaufman, Willis and Fusting -- a firm specializing in the business and editorial aspects of publishing as well as current challenges to sustaining publications in light of predatory journals and open access publishing.

Following notification of the Executive Committee's decision to suspend operations of the Journal, Michael Voight, IJSPT Editor-in-Chief, notified the AASPT Executive Committee of his interest in taking over publication of IJSPT. Upon execution of a Memorandum of Understanding between AASPT and the North American Sports Medicine Institute (NASMI), the parties were able to negotiate the details of transferring ownership of IJSPT.

We want to inform you that AASPT and NASMI have agreed to terms and have executed an agreement for the transfer of IJSPT to NASMIDr. Voight and the NASMI will assume publication of the Journal beginning in January 2021. As a result of this agreement, AASPT will no longer have any source, affiliation, sponsorship, or any other relationship with IJSPT moving forward.  

AASPT Executive Committee

Walt Jenkins

Blaise Williams
Vice President

Mitch Rauh

Jill Thein-Nissenbaum

Erik Meira
Representative at Large