Criteria for Selection - The Ron Peyton Award

Depth, scope, and quality of contributions in each of the following: 
  1. The nominee shall have fostered relationships with other members of sports/health fields and promoted the profession of physical therapy and the specialty of sports physical therapy in a professional manner. Wide-reaching effects of contributions as evidenced by the quality and diversity of the letters of support received.
  2. Educational preparation as evidenced by degrees and certifications held.
  3. Service to AASPT through volunteerism by serving in a wide variety of roles (elected and appointed) as evidenced in the nominee's curriculum vitae.
  4. Professional public visibility of contributions related to the practice of sports physical therapy, as demonstrated by publications, presentations, invited lectures, appointed and elected positions held, and other information contained in the nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  5. Contributions in more than one of the areas of administration, education (academic or continuing education), patient care, and research as documented in the letters of support and in the nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  6. The nominee shall have served as an accomplished role model and provided incentive for other members to grow and reach their highest potential, as evidenced by comments made in support letters.
  7. The nominee must be able to attend CSM for the award presentation.